Capture the value of the Metaverse and Web3 network with

World’s first rewards platform built for the Metaverse while preserving consumer privacy across platforms and networks.

Allowing users to get
more from Metaverse
and Web3

Locify allows businesses to reward pseudonymous users based on user engagement and underlying network analytics.

Locify provides complete transparency to users, advertisers and publishers while preserving user privacy.


Easy on-ramp for users to experience the Metaverse  and to be rewarded for a  multitude of activities


Enables Metaverse platforms and publishers to earn more for their content from both audiences and ad revenue


Capture the value of the attention economy for  businesses in the Metaverse

How it works?

  • 1. Get
  • 2. Explore, shop, and play games in the Metaverse, Web3
  • 3. Get rewarded in gift cards, cash or bitcoin

The Locify approach

Keep your pseudonyms and explore the Metaverse and  Web3 privately. Get rewarded.

A tremendous amount of value today doesn’t get captured as users switch between networks and platforms including Web3, Web2 and the analog world.

Our game theory based model allows the ecosystem to thrive based on value creation.

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