Try Locify right now!

On the left you see Locify application running directly on this webpage! If you don't see it, you don't have Java enabled or installed in your browser. You can download Java here.

You can play with Locify as you want even before you decide it to install it into your phone. You can ever connect GPS - GPS data will be taken from GPS simulator. Beware that this emulator is acting like regular phone - for example for text input you need to press phone's buttons, not letters on your keyboard.

Please beware of following limitations:

  • Everything you change or save is reset after leaving this page
  • Places seems to be saved, but they are not (applets cannot save anything)
  • Routes seems to be saved, but they are not (but you can check out nice user interface while recording)
Tip: Do you want to test your own service? Add it simply by URL pressing Options -> Add -> Service By Link!