Best Locified!

Locify announces challenge for the best location based service for Locify framework.

The most installed wins. Number of unique Locify users which have your service installed counts.


  • our unique sweatshirt!
  • users of your service
  • feeling of "being a winner"
  • winning application (and maybe not only the winning one) will be preinstalled on Locify
  • prize money ... oh wait - sorry, we cannot offer any (before we grow up a little)

What kind of services could (maybe) be interesting?

  • where are my friends
  • who is in the neighborhood (and is chatty)
  • local search
  • bike routes
  • geogame (you could fight only someone who is close to you geographically e.g..)
  • ...


The numbers about installation will be captured during November 2008. You have the whole month! If you start earlier you will have advantage.

The number of registered users (to Locify) with installed service who will do synchronization (internal function of Locify client) in the client at least 2 times in November 2008. Why this way of measuring? Because your service doesn't have to interact with our server and the only way we can know that someone has services installed is when he or she sync (backup) data and settings from the client to our server.

  • service has to be submitted to Locify Services Directory
  • services remains yours, of course. Consider Locify as a browser - using it will not affect any way the ownership of the viewed pages.
  • services can not harm the existing laws
  • Locify keeps the right to refuse submitted service if we consider it harmful, unethical or so (yes, very broadly defined, sorry)


Consider Locify as a mobile xhtml browser which can send with the request for a page location of the user. What to display, what kind of service will the user get - it's up to you - the developer. Keep in mind that the application consists of usual xhtml pages (with small extensions) - so it is quite easy to write such service or locify existing service.

In addition Locify supports a lot of other functions - such as mapping, navigation, track recording and navigation etc. All can be used by developers.

See documentation.

Do not forget that it is not only about developing the app, but about pushing it to the audience, too.

That's the Grand Prize

Locify sweathershirt