Windows Mobile

You can run Locify on Windows Mobile 5 or 6. There is a few things you need to bear in mind:


Before installing Locify, you need to have proper Java environment on your device. This software is also called 'midlet manager'. Check your midlet manager version by selecting 'Java' in menu and clicking to 'About'.

Locify works on:
  • Esmertec JBED 20080222.3.1 and newer - Locify is fully tested here and 100% working. This midlet manager is preinstalled on newer devices - otherwise you can buy it here.
  • Tao Intent Java MIDlet Manager - Locify is working, but everything is quite slow. This Midlet Manager is freeware, you can download it here. Install Locify on it only from Locify.jar file (delete Locify.jad).


  • Download the Windows Mobile version of Locify to your PC or phone.
  • Decompress ZIP file in your phone or decompress in PC and then copy both files into device (recommended).
  • Run 'Java' from Windows Programs and in program menu select 'Menu -> Install -> Local Files'. Midlet should find Locify.jad file and offer you to install.
  • Confirm everything
Midlet manager install Midlet manager install Midlet manager install Midlet manager install


  • If you want to use internal GPS, it's easy. Go to Start -> Settings -> Systems -> GPS (or "External GPS" in some cases). Select port for internal GPS and remember it.
  • If you want to use bluetooth GPS you should connect it first using bluetooth manager and map this device to new outgoing port.
  • Now you need some program to allow GPS for Locify:
    • GpsPort - free and simple. You can download it here. Just copy the exe file to your Windows mobile device.
    • GpsGate - perfecly working commercial software downloaded as trial version from here Install it as usual software for Windows mobile.
    • Locify Porter - older software specifically for Locify, there were some issues so we temporarily suspended support for it.
  • In one of these software, start broadcating at TCP/IP port 20715 (see screenshots)
  • Now run Locify
  • Connect GPS via Set Location->GPS
GPS Settings in Windows Mobile:
WM settings
GpsPort settings:
GpsPort GpsPort settings
Gps Gate settings:
GpsGate settings GpsGate settings