Location and GPS

Usage with GPS

You have these options to connect Locify with GPS:

  • Bluetooth GPS: Bluetooth GPS module is common way to use GPS applications and services on the mobile phone. There are many GPS Bluetooth manufacturers. Locify should work with most of them (please write us a feedback if you have incompatible). Just turn on the BT GPS module and bluetooth on your phone (Locify can switch it on if needed).
  • Internal GPS: If you have mobile phone with internal GPS, you can use this GPS. This is probably the most comfortable way to use GPS services.
  • PDA Porter: This options is useful on Windows Mobile devices. You need a small aplication called Locify Porter running on your Windows Mobile, which will send Locify the GPS data. Read more
  • SonyEricsson HGE-100: This is accessories for any Sony-Ericsson phones - GPS built-in headphones - read more. You need to plug in this headphones before you select this option in Locify.

When you select Set Location -> GPS, Locify will try to connect most suitable GPS. If you want to preffer different GPS, set it up in settings (More -> Settings).

Usage without GPS

In Set Location menu, you have more options to use Locify even without GPS device:

  • Saved Locations: Select one of your saved Locations like 'Home' and see what's happening there
  • Address: Input address like 'Traffalgar Square, London' and Locify will translate address to coordinates.
  • Coordinates: You can also enter GPS coordinate manually for example from your Garmin device.
  • Last Known: Use last known coordinates if you are not sure.