Differences between Locify 0.8.5 and previous versions


Since Locify 0.8.5, all screens are rendered using internal browser. In previous versions, it wasn't possible to use both variables and standard XHTML pages at once. As a result of this, there were severe limitations to what tags can be displayed when using "variable" mode. This is now solved.

For more understanding of the difference, see old documentation for internal browser in Locify 0.8.

However, some incompatible changes to Locify extensions of used XHTML needed to be made. Here is a list of them:

  • New way of prefilling form data - <locify:variables> tag. See forms.
  • <locify:selected> attribute of <select> dropped - replaced by <locify:variables>. See above.
  • <locify:call> tag for redirection is still supported, but deprecated for other URL than opening external browser.
  • <locify:internal> is deprecated, as internal browser is used by default.

Locify 0.8.5 also brought many new features including:

  • Displaying of images and other XHTML elements without need to open special browser
  • <select multiple="multiple"> support
  • Support for routes in filesystem

What version to use?

If you're going to develop a new service, it would be probably best to start with support for Locify 0.8.5 and newer only.

A good idea is to detect users Locify version (see variables) and send him alert if his version is not supported.